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Rationalists International

Rationalist International on LJ
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RATIONALIST INTERNATIONAL is an international forum of all brands of Rationalists - atheists, freethinkers, humanists, secularists, secular humanists and skeptics. Rationalist International Bulletin is the online organ of Rationalist International. Rationalist International Bulletin appears in English, French, Spanish, German, Finnish and Tagalog.

Sanal Edamaruku is the President of Rationalist International and the editor of the Bulletin. Honorary Associates of Rationalist International are Dr. Pieter Admiraal (The Netherlands), Prof. Mike Archer (Australia), Katsuaki Asai (Japan), Sir Hermann Bondi (deceased,UK), Prof. Colin Blakemore (UK), Prof. Vern Bullough (USA), Dr. Bill Cooke (New Zealand), Dr. Helena Cronin (UK), Prof. Richard Dawkins (UK), Joseph Edamaruku (India), Jan Loeb Eisler (USA), Prof. Antony Flew (UK), Tom Flynn (USA), Jim Herrick (UK), Christopher Hitchens (USA), Ellen Johnson (USA), Prof. Paul Kurtz (USA), Lavanam (India), Dr. Richard Leakey (Kenya), Iain Middleton (New Zealand), Dr. Henry Morgentaler (Canada), Dr. Taslima Nasreen (Bangladesh), Steinar Nilsen (Norway), Prof. Jean-Claude Pecker (France), James Randi (USA), Prof. Ajoy Roy (Bangladesh), Dr. Younus Shaikh (Pakistan), Dr. G N Jyoti Shankar (deceased, USA), Barbara Smoker (UK), Richard Stallman (USA), Prof. Rob Tielman (The Netherlands), David Tribe (Australia), K Veeramani (India), Bary Williams (Australia), Prof. Richard Wiseman (UK) and Prof. Lewis Wolpert (UK)

This is rationalism on LJ.
Your moderator is evil_genius

Everyone likes a healthy debate. But please keep things respectful and friendly. Trolling of any kind will be dealt with swiftly.

1) Absolutely no deleting of comments or posts.
2) Absolutely no freezing of comment threads or posts.
3) Stay on topic.
4) Please, NO COMMUNITY PROMOS(cross posting is welcome).
5) Be respectful of other Users and the Mod(s).
6) If you have a comment or complaint. Please contact the moderators.
7) Do not post complaints regarding the community, the moderators, or other users directly to the community. Such posts are nearly guaranteed to be removed.

Failure to abide by the above listed rules may result in the removal of your post and or comments. It may also result in a warning being issued. If a user(or his/her sock puppets) acquire 3 warnings in a 6 month period a ban will be placed on said user.

Those who do not follow these simple rules will be encouraged to post elsewhere.
The mods reserve the right to freeze/delete anything, at any time, for any reason, with no notification or explanation. These rules subject to change without notice.